The Element is a blink of an eye, to re-connect, breathe, and share a meaningful experience in unison. It is to live in the now and become unstuck in time, simultaneously. In a constantly shifting universe and existence, embracing the uncertain is sometimes our only comfort. The Element is an annual gathering which longs to bring us closer to our self, each other, nature and the universe. Situated in the land of Lukova it remains one of the rare, less explored paradises of southern Albania. Picturesque mountains, raw rocky beaches with green sea crystal water, endless olive trees and the open heart and mind of fellow breathing creatures whether it be humans, dogs, sheep or other animals.

At its core The Element is about cherishing human connections, nature and the touching vibrations of the psychedelic and techno sound, serving as a portal to spacetime. Everything is organized and built from scratch and we try to be as much as environmentally conscious within our capabilities.